The OEMs and Medical OEM services

OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturers, generally defined as companies who produce components for their own use or for other value-added resellers to incorporate into their products or for resales to end-users. Depending on different requirements and specifications, the components can be a finished product or an integrated part only. A large benefit of working with an OEM is that the production cost can be significantly lower owing to economies of scale. In other words, companies can save the cost of having to manufacture every part of the product by themselves in their factories.

In medical and healthcare industries, OEM services play an important role. With an intensive range of products and high customization capabilities, OEMs can respond quickly to the demand for different medical instruments, apparatuses, implants, and machines. Medical OEMs also need to adhere to stringent laws and regulations that are applied in these industries.

OEM service at Visun Medical

Visun Medical provides an outstanding source of medical OEM solutions for both finished products and sets of components for medical equipment. At Visun, not only do we commit to delivering qualified products but we also proactively provide engineering and regulatory support throughout our product lifecycle. Get started with Visun Medical’s OEM service with the straightforward procedure below.

Step 1: Browse our product catalog and place an order 

Our product catalog includes detailed specifications of each available product and other information such as stocks, order units, product variations, and usage instructions. Certifications and standard test results of the products and their raw materials can be accessed on request.

Purchasers can place an order directly on the website by selecting product variation, quantity, and fill in their delivery and payment information. However, we do recommend contacting us via email or hotline so that we can help facilitate your buying process.

For more customized requests or products that you cannot find on the website, please send us your requirements via our contact form.

Important: Requests for customized products or components need to be sent along with a working prototype or detailed design and description. Visun is not responsible for design faults or false functionality due to poor design by the customers.       

Step 2: Request for sample products and quotation

After we receive your order, you will shortly be in touch with our support staff who will confirm your order, regarding the quantity or other requirements.

If you are not sure if the products meet your requirements, you can request samples before the actual, large quantity order. Some samples are available for free but mostly there will be a unit charge on the sample products that you order. The staff will also guide you to fill in a quotation request form.

Once your order has been confirmed, Visun will proceed to prepare a thorough quotation and send it to you.

Step 3: Transfer payment / deposits

In most OEM orders, the customer will first need to make a down payment for 25% – 50% of the total order value. For customized products or components, on delivering the sample products, we will collect another 25% of the payment. And, once the customer confirms that the sample is good to go, we will start the mass production. When the rest of the payment is made, we will deliver the order to the customer.

Step 4: Manufacturing and delivering products

Once we have received the first payment/ deposit, we will start manufacturing the products. An important note is that for customized products or components that are tailored based on customer’s requests will only be ready for mass production once the customer signs off on the confirming sample we have delivered in Step 2. Your order will be delivered to your shipping address. Please make sure you check the packages carefully to detect any breakage due to transporting.

More details on our products

1 – Visun Face Mask: The order unit is per carton. Each carton contains 50 boxes and each box contains 50 pcs.

2 – Visun Wet Wipes: Order unit is per carton. Each carton contains 72 bags and each bag contains 50 pcs. OEM wet wipes are only available for orders of more than 100,000 cartons.

3 – Visun Gloves: The order unit is per carton. Each carton contains 72 bags and each bag contains 50 pcs. OEM wet wipes are only available for orders of more than 100,000 cartons. For those who order under 100,000 cartons, you should pick from one of our three types of TOP selling gloves which are Vglove, Superieur, and NVIMEDIC.

4 – Medical Protective Clothing: The order unit is per carton. Each carton contains 30 bags or 150 pcs. There are 7 models to choose from.

5 – Medical Coverall Jumpsuit: The order unit is per carton. Each carton contains 30 bags or 50 pcs. There are 4 models to choose from.

6 – Surgical Gown: The order unit is per carton. Each carton contains 50 bags or 50 pcs. There are 4 models to choose from.

Customer benefits and post-purchase services

Quick support: Our experts will accompany customers throughout the buying and manufacturing process. Post-purchase services such as consultancy for medical projects are also available. At Visun, we aim at nurturing a firmed partnership with our customers. The support is not completed at the time we finished delivering your orders. We will stay and become a trustworthy partner.

Maintenance service: Disposable medical products such as gloves or face masks do not require long-term maintenance. However, for other types of medical devices manufactured under  OEM services, such as medical devices or device components, Visun does offer periodic audits to ensure the product quality fulfills the requirements of current standards.

Discounts: There are several promotions that we offer to our customers or long-term partners. You can have discounts based on order quantity or contract terms. Larger quantities and longer contract terms are more likely to benefit from these discounts. Besides, referral discounts can also be applied if you successfully refer Visun service to other customers.

Return policy: Most products are accepted as returns if they are standard, non-tampered, unopen, and non-expired products. The return request must be made within 45 days of the order completed date (when the customer receives the products).


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