Visun Wipes


50 pcs/bag; 72 bags/carton
Bag size: 14*18 cm

Carton size: 480*335*280 cm

GWT: 19 kg

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VISUN WET WIPES provides people a super-convenient alcohol wipe that helps to prevent the spread of contamination and kill dangerous pathogenic bacteria and germs. This hygiene product is a great solution for quick cleanups, simple and convenient to dispose of dirt or other undesirable elements, effectively eliminate viruses, safe and assured.


Physical state: transparent liquid

Boiling point (oC): 78oC

Color: None

Melting point (oC): subject to the identification method: 13oC

Odour: mild, alcohol-like

Auto-ignition temperature: 392oC

Vapor density: (air = 1) at standard temperature and pressure: 1.59 – 1.62

Upper explosive / flammable litmits (% in mixture with air): 19%

Solubility in water: completely soluble in water

Lower explosive / flammable limits (% in mixture with air): 3.5%

Specific weight (kg/m3): 0.79 – 0.81

Evaporation rate: 253


Design and feature >

–  The product made from good quality non-woven fabric, non-irritating, skin-friendly. It contains 75% alcohol, fast and powerful disinfectant, and antibacterial. The aluminum film keeps the fabric wet and locks it in moisture.

Product function >

+ Designed for patient care in hospitals, care facilities, and homes, browse a wide selection of alcohol wipes, Visun wet wipes are suited for uses including spill absorption, patient hygiene, and even wound cleansing. It also can be used for cleansing public surfaces, medical public surfaces, surgical instrument kits, medical equipment disinfectants.

+ Multiple scenes can be used the wet wipes and handy for home cleaning. It is ideally use for quickly wiping down fridges and freezers, getting to corners dusters can’t reach or that need extra effort to remove, cleaning plastic toys, wiping off the dust in the interior of your car, sanitizing public areas such as trolleys or toilet seats before using, wiping a chalkboard clean for kids, shining up shoes in virtually any fabric, cleaning computer screen and keyboard. And this must be absolutely a must-have item when camping because it is versatile, designed for more convenience and hygiene.

Storage Condition > Store in the cool place, away from direct sunlight or temperature more than 30oC.

Shelf-life > Expired date is 3 years after manufacturing date when the wet wipes are stored under the standard condition.

Packing style > 50 pcs/bag; 72 bags/ carton; 1575 cartons/40HC

Bag size > 14 x 18 cm

Carton size > 48 x 33.5 x 25 cm

GWT > 12 kg



Works on most home surfaces, electronic equipment surface, and medical uses.


75% alcohol disinfectant wipes, inhibit bacteria double cleaning, effective virus elimination.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean with Medical Disposable 75% Alcohol Antibacterial Disinfectant Wet Wipes

Messes and spills will happen, never on a schedule, and no matter how hard cleaning staffs try, they will not always be available to clean up. To tackle these problem incidents between regular cleanings, wet wipes are provided to non-custodial staff members. These antibacterial wipes are ideal for use by non-custodial workers. The wet wipes can be used on a variety of surfaces, convenient to carry, and easy to use. Nurses and medical staff simply pull out a wipe, disinfect a surface by wiping off and let it air dry.

When applied to equipment or surfaces, the antibacterial wipes decrease or completely eradicate the presence of viruses, fungi, and bacteria that dwell on them. By using Visun antibacterial wet wipes, you can prevent the spread of infection and disease in your facility, keeping your employees, your guests, and your reputation safe.

Our Visun wet wipes have been tested in laboratory environments over many trials to strict quality control standards when manufacturing the product.

Nonwoven 25g width 192-200mm

Melt blown filter 175mm

Nonwoven 25g width 175mm

Blue nonwoven 25g width 175mm

1. Nonwoven 25g width 192-200mm

2. Melt blown filter 175mm

3. Nonwoven 25g width 175mm

4. Blue nonwoven 25g width 175mm


  • Located: Dinh Xuyen village, Tan Dinh Commune, Lang Giang District, Bac Giang Provine, Viet Nam
  • Employee: 400
  • Main Field: We are one of leading manufacturer of sterile single use medical devices in Vietnam
  • Providing nationwide distribution and export abroad
  • Capacity for Face Mask Productions: 3 million pcs daily
  • Capacity for Surgical
  • Gown & PPE: 1 million pcs daily

Standard tests and Quality certification

Visun wet wipes have been thoroughly and carefully tested leading global medical experts and organizations namely NIFC (National Institute for Food Control), Institute of Medical Equipment and Facilities, Vietnam Ministry of Health before delivery to customers.

The product is qualified with Quality Control – ISO 9001;2015 & ISO 13485:2016 and CE & FDA Certifications.

SGS Certification

SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

The Food and Drug Administration

A federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services

CE marking

CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards

ISO 13485

A stand-alone QMS standard, derived from the internationally recognized and accepted ISO 9000 quality management standard series.

Manufacturer Capacity


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10 0 +
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million pcs daily

Customer Questions & Answers

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We are a manufacturer specialized in medical equipment and consumables. Our customers are mainly clinics, hospitals, beauty salons, spas, and health care organizations from different regions

Yes, we do. Please content us to confirm this specification, quantity, and required details

Our product has been tested and certificated by leading global medical organizations and experts in terms of quality. They contain mostly natural ingredients and chemical composition with the permitted level, therefore, it is eco-friendly.

Generally, it will take 25-35 days after receiving your order. The specific delivery time will depend on items and the quantity of your order. Please contact us for further information.