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Medical social work

Provide professional consultancy for social work process at hospitals

High practical capacity

Ensure both quality and quantity of manufacturing outputs with highly efficient factories


The procedure is Basic, Simple, Quick and easy for investment partners to follow

Hands-on experience

Offer help from professional and experienced staff who have been working with many clinics and hospitals

Welcome to Visun Medical


Visun Medical specializes in producing, exporting and providing cutting-edge medical equipment and consumables for hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, and spas around the world. As a part of our business, we also manufacture original medical components and equipment (OEM).

Our mission is to serve the wellness of the community and promote mutual development among medical partners. Since 2018, we are honored to have been selected as a strategic partner of many medical services, and leading manufacturers of medical equipment and consumables.

Throughout our growth path, Visun Medical, in cooperation with experienced specialists, doctors, and medical partners, has also proactively participated in social work at hospitals from all over the world.

With our dedicated staff, our qualified factories and a considerable research and development capacity, Visun Medical is constantly improving towards the goal: To become a prestigious brand to our customers and a reliable partner to other medical firms and investors.

Mr. Trinh Quang Hung - President


Consult and provide hospital socialization solutions to help hospitals equipped with medical equipment, meeting their actual demands.

Provide protection for people’s hands from unwanted or toxic substances

Can be used for hygienic applications, suitable to filter germs and bacteria

Prevent dust, fluids and droplets, spacious, comfortable and airy

A super-convenient alcohol wipe that helps to kill dangerous pathogenic bacteria

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