An Ensured Capacity in Medical Equipment Production

The need for a stabilized capacity of manufacturing practices is more pressing than ever and medical devices are no exception. The traditional manual process is fast becoming obsolete. Medical equipment producing system that fails to invest in a next-generation capacity production system following 4.0 will be unable to fully realize its own cost and quality advantage potential.

1. The state-of-the-art production system and well-trained workers

At Visun, we invest in the state-of-the-art machine system. Our strategies to apply 4.0 technology was soon deployed. We recognized that in medical device manufacturing, 4.0 technology can help solve the interrelated challenges of complex product mix and increasing productivity and throughput. Whether the products are face masks, surgical gowns, medical protective clothing, coverall jumpsuit, many medical protective types of equipment are complex products made up of a wide range of components.

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Besides the state-of-the-art production machine system, we also focus on hiring a huge number of well-trained workers in the area. We defined building a skilled workforce for strong, sustainable, and balanced growth. With that spirit in mind, we provide training for our experienced engineers, experts, and workers to meet UK standards in medical protective equipment products, your clients can be assured they are getting the highest possible quality of products. Our workers underwent a full training program meeting European standards in producing protective clothing and personal protective equipment. We work to the highest possible standards and all of our work comes with a warranty.

With those perks, we ensured the capacity daily 3 million pcs for each product, easily meet customers’ demands with some big order up to 1 million pcs to be delivered within 7 days.

2. Unattached component material sources thanks to self-supplying

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As far as you are known, Vietnam is world-renowned in the textile and garment industry which is the main material for medical personal protective products. Textile and garment industry is one of the most spearheaded industries in Vietnam, the industry has the second-largest export turnover with export value contributing from 10% to 15% to GDP. With that inland potential resource, our manufacturing factory always takes the initiative to produce in order to meet client’s demand in case customers’ need is suddenly increased.

In factories across the country, textile companies are providing material component sources to us for producing medical personal protective equipment products ranging from surgical gowns, medical protective clothing, coverall jumpsuit, face masks, wet wipes, etc. The industry is playing a vital role in the nation’s manufacturing strategy and solution to help contribute to the high demand for these products. Our manufacturing factory, thanks to being located in Vietnam, is proud that we are a national factory unit which is self-providing material components, therefore being independent of foreign companies, especially businesses from China.

3. Stable client base

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Customer loyalty creates business success, strengthens brands, improves margins, lowers business costs, and grows businesses bigger in less time. Repeated buyers are the nexus of long-term business growth. It goes without saying that it is easier to keep a customer or client than it is to find a new one.

With such lodestar, at Visun, we are always focusing on building a stable client base. Our customers are from different countries, from the US to the UK, Korea, and Japan, or basically throughout the whole nation. They are mainly hospitals, clinics, spas, beauty salons, and health care organizations from different regions. Besides high-quality products, transparent ordering and selling policy, good customer services, we gradually built our initial customers which is now turning into our loyal clients based on these rules

– Always socialize with existing clients. We maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and industry-specific social media websites, contribute useful information, and answer questions posed by prospects.

– We are willing to learn what our customers or clients want. Use customer surveys, online surveys, client reviews on social media pages. All of these customer inputs play an important role in improving customer satisfaction. These metrics enable you to refine company protocols, or even your products because you listen to your customers and refine company systems constantly and procedures to benefit clients.

– We communicate with customers and give promotions to loyal customers. We send our clients emails and provide some promotional programs, coupons, and other incentives to customers.


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