An Ensured Capacity in Medical Equipment Production

The need for a stabilized capacity of manufacturing practices is more pressing than ever and medical devices are no exception. The traditional manual process is fast becoming obsolete. Medical equipment producing system that fails to invest in a next-generation capacity production system following 4.0 will be unable to fully realize its own cost and quality […]

Visun Medical’s Clients and Partners

Through the years, Visun Medical has gathered a lot of knowledge within medical equipment and consumables industry. The service towards the customer in this field of the industry makes all the difference and the quality of the customer service today still has an enormous influence on the customer’s choice behavior when different brands are weighed […]

The OEMs and Medical OEM services

OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturers, generally defined as companies who produce components for their own use or for other value-added resellers to incorporate into their products or for resales to end-users. Depending on different requirements and specifications, the components can be a finished product or an integrated part only. A large benefit […]

Visun Medical: Factory Introduction

To produce high-quality medical equipment and consumables, Visun has a professional factory in Bac Giang province, Vietnam. It is qualified by ISO13485 provides. Visun Medical manufacturing producing system meets the requirements of producers of medical equipment and consumables in environments where pharmaceutical goods and med-tech equipment are produced for a monitoring system that can deliver […]